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Kidnappers free woman after discovering that she wasn’t a virgin

By Mason White 10:14 AM September 22, 2014
Sad woman illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A group of kidnappers allowed a woman to leave after they realized that she wasn’t a virgin, police in Nigeria said.

Now, Plateau State Police said that they have arrested 35-year-old Maimako Shepang, for selling his wife to religious fanatics.

The incident began when Shepang lured his wife to a secluded area, where he handed her over to members of the religious cult.

The masked men dragged the woman to their sanctuary. The leader asked the woman if she was still a virgin, to which she replied that she is not.

She said that the man who brought her to them, is her husband. The angry men told her to leave as they wanted a virgin for their religious ritual.

The woman ran to a nearby town where she called the police. Police have also arrested one member of the religious cult.

The suspects will be brought before the Plateau Magistrate’s Court for bail hearings.