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Police buy little girl new bike after man slashes tire of her old bicycle because she ran over his foot

By Mason White 10:20 AM September 22, 2014
Michael Rapaglia 

By: Anika Rao
A man was arrested after cutting the tires of a bike that belongs to a little girl, police in New Hampshire said.

Franklin Police said that they arrested 39-year-old Michael Rapaglia, for threatening the 10-year-old girl and damaging her bike.

According to the police investigation, the incident began when the girl ran over the suspect’s foot. Neighbors said the girl was riding on Spring Street, when Rapaglia, a person she knew from the area, walked near her.

After she ran over his foot once, he threatened to slash the tire. When she drove over his foot again, Rapaglia pulled a knife and cut her tire.

Witnesses said the girl got scared from the knife and immediately ran to her uncle, who said he had thought that Rapaglia was joking.

The police were called and Rapaglia was arrested. A court ordered Rapaglia to stay 300 feet away from the girl. Franklin Police officers gave the girl a new bike.