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Israeli courts will no longer release children accused of throwing stones on bail

By Mason White 3:33 PM September 22, 2014
Muslim children throwing rocks illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
Starting this week, children who are above 14 years old, will no longer be eligible to be released on bail if they are accused of throwing rocks at Israeli civilians, prosecutors in Israel said.

As a result, the children will be incarcerated for up to two months, awaiting trial.

Under the new guidelines, children who are suspected of throwing stones or disturbing the peace in other ways, will be held until the end of their criminal proceedings.

The prosecutor’s office said the policy does not differentiate between Muslims and Jews, but in the case of Jews, the courts are usually willing to entertain an alternative to jail.

Unlike the Jewish prisoners, Muslims often have no relatives outside Jerusalem, where they can be held under house arrest until the end of their processes.

According to attorney Mohammad Mahmoud, 58 Muslim children are currently under arrest for participating in riots. Among the 760 suspects taken into custody during recent riots, 260 were minors.

Most were accused of charges ranging from rioting to assaulting police officers and endangering lives.