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Nazi gas chambers discovered at Sobibor concentration camp where hundreds of thousands of Jews were murdered (video)

By Mason White 5:21 PM September 22, 2014

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) Researchers have discovered Nazi used gas chambers, which was used to murder hundreds of thousands of Jews in Poland.

Researchers working at the site of a Nazi concentration camp in Sobibor, said that they have discovered the gas chambers, which the Nazis tried to destroy before leaving the site.

“When they closed it, German soldiers tried to remove all traces of the camp. The camp was closed after an uprising by prisoners on October 14, 1943. German forces destroyed the camp and built a road on top of the remains,” researchers said.

Archaeologists excavated under the road and found lines of bricks, which they believe were the walls of the gas chambers.

They have been able to establish how large the camp was, and the new information will help build a more accurate picture of how many people were killed in the camp.

Excavations revealed that there was a total of eight gas chambers. Yad Vashem estimates that 250,000 Jews were killed at the camp.

Archaeologists said that among the personal items that were found buried in the ground near the gas chambers was a wedding ring bearing the Hebrew inscription: “Behold, you are betrothed to me.”