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30-year-old man offers $160,000 to woman willing to be his mother

By Mason White 1:18 PM September 22, 2014
Kuan-Yin Tsui in the park 

By: Hydar Tomar
A man is looking for a woman willing to act as his mother.

The man of Sichuan, China, wants a mother so badly that he is offering one million yuan (about $162,000) to any woman willing to take on the role.

Kuan-Yin Tsui, who is in his 30s, has become an Internet sensation in China, following his strange proposition.

Tsui sat in Fanghu Park with a bowl of cash, with the hopes of finding a mother.

Behind him was a red flashlight with his phone number on it. He also placed a large poster showing the conditions for a woman interested in being his mother.

The woman had to be at least 57 years old, well educated, and without a history of drug use. The final decision he wrote, would depend on whether the two feel a connection.

Juan Lei, who was visiting the park, took pictures of the man and posted them online. She then went over to the man to have a chat.

“He told me that I was too young for the job and that he was looking for an older woman,” Lei said.

Lei asked the man why he wanted a mother. “He said that he had grown up in an orphanage, and after making a success of himself, he felt that he was losing out by not having a mother who is proud of him and treat him as a
son,” Lei explained.

“I felt really bad for him. He looked very lonely, but this is not the way to go to fill that void in life,” said Lei.

Lei suggested that Tsui get married and share his wife’s parents, but he wasn’t impressed with the suggestion and he is willing to pay a lot of money to find a woman he can call “mom.”