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Company sends grieving widow a rope that her husband used to kill himself

By Mason White 12:36 PM September 22, 2014
Rope illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A woman is angry after she got a package containing a thick rope that her husband used to commit suicide.

The widow of the man who hanged himself at work, is taking legal action against his employer after receiving a package in the mail with his shirt, socks and rope that he used to hang himself.

Lysiane Reboul claimed that her husband had been bullied by his peers at work in a factory near Calais, France.

Reboul said that she had written several letters to the factory asking for her husband’s personal belongings from his locker.

However, she was surprised when she opened a package sent to her home to find a long thick rope that her ​​husband used to kill himself.

In the package was a shirt, socks, a bag of pencils and the rope. Reboul said that she is suing the factory and hopes to have her husband’s suicide recognized as a work-related death.

The manager of the factory reportedly admitted that sending the rope was a “serious error,” and explained that investigators asked them to put all the man’s personal belongings together while they were investigating the death.

“When we were asked for his belongings we sent the entire package without checking,” the company said in an apology letter.