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U.S. court finds Arab Bank of Jordan guilty in connection with Hamas terrorist acts in Israel

By Mason White 3:31 PM September 23, 2014
Scene of bombing illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
Arab Bank of Jordan, was found guilty in connection with terror attacks that Hamas committed against Israeli civilians, according to a U.S. court ruling.

A jury found the bank responsible for a wave of suicide bombings by Hamas in the 2000s that left several dead and wounded U.S. citizens.

The jurors reached the unanimous verdict in a federal court in Brooklyn, New York.

This marks the first time a bank has been found liable for knowingly supporting terrorism. Although the bank was found liable, another jury will decide whether the bank should pay damages.

The lawsuit was brought under the Anti-Terrorism Act, which allows victims of foreign terrorist organizations designated by the United States, to seek compensation.

The State Department of the United States designated Hamas a terrorist group in 1997. The jury heard experts and other witnesses, who linked the extremists to Arab Bank.

The court was told how cash payments were channeled through the bank into the hands the suicide bombers’ families. About 300 victims of the terrorist attacks were named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

The evidence included bank records showing wire transfers to the founder of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Arab Bank Chairman Sabih Al-Masri and other executives took the witness stand to deny the charges.