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Woman dumps husband after he gives away entire fortune to cancer patients after she survived cancer

By Mason White 9:50 AM September 23, 2014
Shirley and Brian Burnie 

By: Hydar Tomar
A man was delighted when his wife received a clean bill of health after overcoming cancer.

After seeing the effects of battling with cancer, the rich man decided to give away his entire fortune to help people who are battling the disease.

However, his wife of 30 years was not impressed, and she was not willing to live a less glamorous life.

Cancer survivor Shirley Burnie of the United Kingdom, dumped her 70-year-old husband, Brian Burnie, after he sold his home in Morpeth, Northumberland, his luxury car and other valuables.

He gave all the money to charity.

Brian of was worth $27 million before he gave it all away. He downsized his life, and bought a smaller home for himself and his wife.

Brian was very happy seeing his money making a difference in the lives of people who are suffering. However, his wife said that she could no longer put up with her husband’s generosity.

“I didn’t want to give everything away. I wanted security for us and our family,” Shirley said.

The now single Brian, who lives off his pension, does not regret his actions, saying: “We acquired the lifestyle, we lived very well, but nothing gave me as much pleasure as giving it all away.”