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Israel’s National Lottery reveals numbers that can turn you into a millionaire

By Mason White 10:01 AM September 24, 2014
Lottery kiosk 

By: Hydar Tomar
The Israel National Lottery revealed the numbers that were most likely to be winners over the last year.

According to statistics published by the National Lottery, the hottest number was 35, which was selected 27 times.

The next number was 3, which was selected 26 times. The number 28 and 29, were chosen 23 times. This year, 49 people became millionaires by winning the lottery.

The National Lottery reported that 24 people won the top prize, while 25 people won the second prize. All 49 winners took home more than 1 million shekels ($1 = 3.66 shekels).

The largest prize this year was 50 million shekels. A couple with five children living in northern Israel, collected the 560 million shekels jackpot.

The father, who was not identified, works in finance and the mother is a stay at home mom. The entire family showed up at the headquarters of the National Lottery to pick up their winnings.