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Baby spends night in prison after fight between his mother, nanny and neighbor

By Mason White 9:56 AM September 24, 2014
Lindiwe Masilela with her baby 

By: Devansh Dutt
A baby was forced to endure a harsh night in prison over a fight between three woman.

The baby, who is only three months old, has already spent a day and night behind bars.

Lindiwe Masilela and her baby’s nanny were arrested late last month, after an argument with neighbors.

The baby, identified as Tiny Ntuthuko Mahlangu, his 38-year-old mother, Lindiwe Masilela, and his nanny, Sabenele Dlamini, spent 24 hours behind bars.

The women were arrested after a fight broke out between them and a neighbor. However, they were not charged and were freed the next day without appearing before a judge.

The two adults faced charges of assault and malicious damage to property. Officers told them that they might have to appear in court on a later date.

Masilela said that her newborn son is having trouble breathing after breathing in the strong smell of urine and dirt of the police holding cells.

“He was locked up for a crime he did not commit. He’s just an innocent child,“ Masilela said.

“We were given a blood-soaked blanket to keep ourselves warm,” she added.

Police spokesperson Selvy Mohlala confirmed the arrests and said that police had no choice but to lock up the mother with her baby because “no one was home to care for the baby.”