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Restaurant caught spiking noodles with drugs to keep customers coming back

By Mason White 2:37 PM September 29, 2014
Noodles illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
A restaurant owner admitted to spiking the noodles on the menu in order to keep his customers hooked, police in China said.

Zhang told investigators that he had been grinding poppy seeds into the food after one of his regular customers tested positive for opium during a routine traffic stop.

26-year-old Liu Juyou was shocked when police officers notified him that he tested positive for drugs. Juyou suspected that the restaurant food was to blame.

He persuaded members of his family to eat at the restaurant and then have themselves tested for drugs.

Zhang said that he bought 4.4 pounds of poppy seeds for $100 and had been mixing them into the noodles to enhance the flavor.

Juyou filed a lawsuit against the police for having him arrested.