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Fatah honors female suicide bomber who killed 2 Israeli police officers

By Mason White 4:31 PM September 29, 2014
Fatah honoring Zainab Abu Salem on Facebook 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
Fatah, the political party in control of the West Bank, honored a female suicide bomber who killed two Israelis, the Palestinian Media Watch reported.

The official Facebook page of Fatah glorified Zainab Abu Salem.

On her way to carry out her attack, she was detained by two police officers. She detonated her bomb, killing the two police officers and wounded 30 civilians.

“After the explosion the head of Salem was separated from her body, but her hijab continued to cover her hair. With that she became the eleventh female suicide bomber of Palestine,” Fatah wrote on Facebook.

Salem of Nablus, was 18 years when she blew herself up. Salem blew herself up at the French Hill junction of Jerusalem on September 22, 2004.