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Four police officers suspended for tipping over portable toilet with suspect inside (video)

By Mason White 2:38 PM September 29, 2014
The portable toilet 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) Police officers in Tennessee, have caused controversy over the way they caught a suspect.

The video of the incident that occurred in Memphis, shows a man being caught after fleeing from the police and hiding in a portable toilet.

An officer flipped the toilet with the suspect inside to trap him.

The portable toilets were situated at a construction site. Officers left the toilet with the suspect on the floor while they searched the other three toilets.

When officers finally placed the toilet upright, the suspect, who was identified as Joseph Hampton, 31, came stumbling out.
An officer was seen kicking the suspect before he was thrown to the ground. The four officers involved were placed on paid leave following the toilet incident.