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Doctor jailed after refusing to move his vehicle to allow medical helicopter to rescue woman

By Mason White 9:47 AM September 30, 2014
Tessa George and James Allen 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A doctor was arrested after he refused to move his vehicle so that a helicopter can save a woman’s life.

The man of Florida, was jailed on Thursday, after refusing to move his car to allow the medical helicopter to access the scene of a fatal traffic accident, police said.

James Allen, 52, who is a certified physician’s assistant in Volusia County, works at Urgent Care in Ormond Beach. he drove around emergency vehicles and took the spot reserved for the medical helicopter.

The helicopter was called to assist 26-year-old Tessa George, after she crashed her car. Sadly, George did not survive the accident.

Police said the helicopter was hovering about 50 to 100 feet above the ground waiting for Allen to move his car.

Rescuers were responding to the accident that occurred early Thursday, where George, a bartender in Ormond Beach, crashed into a tree.

Officials blocked traffic as they called in the helicopter not knowing if the car’s occupant was dead or alive. Allen chose to drive around the emergency vehicles, according to the police report, and refused to stop despite police orders.

Police said that Allen stopped in the place reserved for the helicopter and refused to move. Only after officers forced Allen to move his car did the helicopter finally land to assist the woman.

However, Allen was still uncooperative and refused to produce his driver’s license. In the end, he said that he was confused about what the fuss was about.

Allen was charged with failure to obey police/fire department and resisting an officer without violence. After spending the night at the Volusia County Jail, he was released on Friday morning on his own recognizance.