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13-year-old girl gets pregnant by her father and blames schoolmate

By Mason White 10:20 AM September 30, 2014
Pregnant woman illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
A girl fell pregnant and told her mother that a schoolmate is the father.

However, when the girl’s mother demanded to meet the boy, the child was forced to tell the truth.

She told her mother that her father sexually abused her.

The father of Chivi, Zimbabwe, was arrested and brought before Masvingo regional magistrate Collet Ncube, on charges of incest and rape after he impregnated his 13-year-old daughter.

The father is being held without bail. Prosecutors allege that the man allegedly slept with his ​​daughter several times and warned her not to tell anyone about the abuse.

Recently, the mother discovered that her daughter was pregnant and she demanded to meet the father of the unborn baby.

Out of fear, the young teen lied to her mother and said that she became pregnant by a schoolmate.

The mother told her daughter to accompany her to the school and point out who the father was. That is when the girl revealed that her father was responsible for the pregnancy, adding that she had numerous sexual encounters with him.

The angry woman then confronted her husband, who reacted angrily to the accusations, and beat his wife.

The girl later told her teacher, who immediately reported the incident to the police.