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Woman catches husband in her bed having threesome with two prostitutes

By Mason White 10:39 AM September 30, 2014
Bedroom illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A woman walked into her home to find her husband in her bed with two prostitutes.

Monica Mkandla, 28, of Zimbabwe, came home from prayer services at night, to find her husband having a threesome with two prostitutes in their bed.

The couple got into an argument and the husband, Calvin Musariri, 36, bit his wife.

The woman told Western Commonage magistrate Themba Chimiso, that her husband was abusive.

Musariri was arrested on charges of physical abuse and for violating the terms of a protective order issued to his wife earlier this year.

After being granted a protection order, the couple continued living in the same home, but slept in separate rooms.

Prosecutors said that Whatmore Tembo said that Mkandla returned home from a prayer meeting on Saturday about 6:00 a.m., and found Musariri with two prostitutes in their bed.

“Musariri had an argument with his wife after she found him with the prostitutes. He then sank his teeth into her right shoulder and she suffered visible injuries,” Tembo said.

Musariri told the court that he turned to prostitutes because he had gone for a long time without having sex.

He explained that since he received the protection order he has slept with his wife, so he brought the two women because he was hungry for sex.

“Has truly been a long time since I had sex,” he said. He also defended his abuse saying: “I bit into her shoulder because she attacked me first. I was just defending myself.”