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Plane dumps human waste on woman’s house and car

By Mason White 9:43 AM October 1, 2014
Airplane illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
A woman of New Zealand, is angry after a plane dumped human waste on her house and car.

Karen Bass of Auckland, said that when she awoke on Sunday, she found her house and car covered in human feces.

There were brown spots throughout her property and her silver car. Bass said that her house is directly in the flight path of planes coming into Auckland International Airport.

The angry woman complained that the first thing she smelled when she opened her door that morning, was human waste. The mess was everywhere, she said.

Bass will send the waste to a lab to have it tested.

Officials told the woman to complain directly to the airline, but the woman said that she had no way of knowing which airline dropped the waste on her property.