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Love struck man causes chaos after leaving package containing love songs for former wife

By Mason White 2:03 PM October 1, 2014
Bomb squad 

By: Devansh Dutt
A man who wanted to win back his former wife, caused panic after police mistook his romantic gesture for a bomb.

The police in Florence, Alabama, were called on Thursday afternoon, on a report of a suspicious package on a car.

The bomb squad was at the scene to neutralize the package in case it contained a bomb.

Police said they were called about the suspicious package, which turned out to be a package left by the man for his former wife.

Police said they were called to Wilson Park Medical Center around 2:30 p.m., when a woman saw the suspicious package on her vehicle.

Florence Police Chief Ron Tyler said that the package was left on the car by the woman’s former husband. The couple divorced a few months ago, and had recently started talking again.

The woman told police she received a call from her former husband, saying that he had left a package on her car. She got nervous and called the police.

Florence Police scanned the package and found that it contained a collection of love song cassettes. It also contained a note from the man pleading with his former wife to take him back. Tyler said that police will not press charges against the man.