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Man confesses to FBI that he loves to make out with stuffed animals

By Mason White 12:30 PM October 2, 2014
Stuffed animals illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A New York man who was arrested on federal child porn charges, admitted to FBI investigators that he loves making out with stuffed animals, the Federal Bureau of Investigations said.

25-year-old Christopher Grief of Ridge, who lives in a home with his parents, was accused of distributing child pornography and spoke about molesting young children on the Internet.

Grief was found to have numerous files containing child pornography on his computer that was seized by investigators after obtaining a warrant.

During questioning, he admitted that he is sexually interested in young children and said that he has an interest in child torture.

He made a video where he tortured and mutilated a rat. “He also likes having sex with stuffed animals,” FBI agent Danielle Messineo said.

Grief is being held without bail, and a judge ordered him to undergo a mental evaluation.