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Police officer arrested after handcuffing women and forcing them to perform sex acts on him

By Mason White 9:54 AM October 3, 2014
Grant Carruth 

By: Anika Rao
A police officer of Louisiana, was arrested after using his job as a police office to rape women.

Sheriff’s deputies said that two women filed complaints against an Amite City police officer.

Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested the officer for kidnapping and sexually assaulting two women in Tangipahoa Parish.

Deputies arrested 25-year-old Grant Carruth on charges of second degree kidnapping, aggravated rape, sexual battery and theft.

Sheriff Daniel Edwards said that his department has been investigating the officer after several women said that he
claimed to be a narcotics agent and detained them.

He placed the women in handcuffs and then transported them to another location where they were forced to perform sex acts on him before they were released.

Amite City Police said Carruth was suspended without pay on Tuesday. He has worked in the department for two years, according to the police chief.