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Two police officers and prison guard arrested for taking turns to sexually abuse teen girl

By Mason White 1:21 PM October 5, 2014
Officers illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A young girl was a victim of sex abuse by authorities while she was doing community service.

In total, five men were arrested for the crime, including two police officers and a prison guard as well as two other men.

All five men of Zimbabwe, were remanded into custody after being accused of taking turns in having sex with the 14-year-old school dropout.

Chivi Magistrate’s Court ordered the girl to serve community service after she was found guilty of illegal entry and theft.

According to police, while she was doing her unpaid work, the five men allegedly locked her in an apartment and took turns raping her.

The accused men were identified as Constable Henry Washaya, Constable Edward Nyirongo, and prison officer Sergeant Benson Muderedzwa, all stationed at Chivi. They were remanded into custody by Magistrate Mapfumo.

The incident came to light when the girl went missing for two days. The mother of the girl managed to locate her at the home where she was being held by the five men.

The mother reported the incident to police, leading to the arrest of the men.