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Teacher tattoos name of her 10-year-old student on her chest before asking him for sex

By Mason White 2:22 PM October 7, 2014

By: Wayne Morin
A teacher thought that by tattooing her student’s name on her chest he will agree to have sex with her, prosecutors in Australia said.

47-year-old Diane Brimble of Hamilton, Victoria, tried to have sex with the 10-year-old boy, but he refused her advances.

The boy’s mother told a court that Brimble, a mother of eight children, turned her son into a sexual object. She had to move out of her community and the child was placed on antipsychotic medication.

The boy’s father said that his son would not look at his parents as he believes that Brimble cast a spell on him, which allowed her to see and hear everything he does.

After being placed in another school, the teacher tried to enroll her own kids there so that she can stay close to the boy. The teacher also tattooed the boy’s name on her chest, believing that the this will convince him to have sex with her.

A jury convicted Brimble of one count of committing an indecent act on a child under 16 years old. She was acquitted of five other charges.