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Denver police officers rally demanding respect and less scrutiny from citizens (video)

By Mason White 12:14 PM October 7, 2014
Denver Police Academy 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) Protesters crashed a rally by Colorado police officers, who want the public to back off, stop criticizing them and show more respect.

Protesters were holding up a huge sign saying: “Stop whining, murderous crybabies,” as a message to the Denver police officers who were accused of using excessive force against inmates.

The tension has been brewing for months as the city is conducting a top to bottom review of the department.

Mayor Michael Hancock called for reform in the police department after a series of cases where officers used excessive force without merit.

In one incident, they paid $3.25 million to former prisoner Jamal Hunter, who was choked by a deputy. He was also beaten and scalded with hot liquid by other inmates and deputies did not stop the attack.

The family of former inmate Marvin Booker, sued the city and five deputies after the street preacher died while in police custody. Her was handcuffed, shocked with a Taser, and beaten while being held in a chokehold.

Deputy Sheriff Michael Britton and Sgt. Charles Denovellis, said that the deputies are afraid to do their jobs.

Deputy Michael Jackson said that there has been an increase in assaults against officers and that inmates are provoking officers to use force.

However, the community is not sympathetic with the officers and said that they will continue to closely monitor the actions of the officers to stop police brutality against citizens.