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Father of 10 children ties wife’s hands and drags her to police station for talking too much (photos)

By Mason White 1:38 PM October 7, 2014
Eliud Kinyanjui with his wife 

By: Wayne Morin
A man has caused controversy after mistreating his wife, who is the mother of his ten children.

65-year-old Eliud Kinyanjui of Kenya, marched his wife to a police station following a domestic dispute.

Kinyanjui tied the hands of his 57-year-old wife, Salome Wambui, with a rope and dragged her to the Lari police station in Kiambu.

According to neighbors, the incident took place on Saturday, after Kinyanjui came home from church. The couple began arguing, and when he was fed up with his wife’s talking, he tied her hands with rope and dragged her about five kilometers to the police station.

The two reportedly boarded a scooter, which took them to a shopping center located about one kilometer from the Lari police station.

Kinyanjui said that his wife became too difficult and spoke to much. He did not like that she used foul language against him.

Wambui told police that her husband had married another woman and in order to support his new family, Kinyanjui wants to sell some of their land. She opposes the sale.

Kinyanjui said that he married the second woman because Wambui became too difficult to deal with.

“I have another woman who listens to me, but I love my first family and our children. I will never abandon them,” Kinyanjui said.

However, Kinyanjui said that his wife is the one who causes problems in the home, because she makes up lies about him to church leaders and asks them to excommunicate him.

“She also does other things that breach the peace at home,” Kinyanjui told police when he asked them to take legal action against her.

Officers have questioned both the husband and wife, and are still investigating the incident.