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29-year-old woman dies while peeing on side of the road

By Mason White 5:26 PM October 7, 2014
Emily Setlhapelo 

By: Feng Qian
A family is devastated over the sudden death of a woman.

The incident began when Emily Setlhapelo, 29, of South Africa, desperately need to go to the bathroom.

She walked to the side of the road to relieve herself, but she never came back.

The mother of two children who lives in Klipspruit in Soweto, was electrocuted on Saturday afternoon while relieving herself.

Her mother, Julia Setlhapelo, said that Emily was on her way to her cousin’s house with her two children and a friend when she could no longer keep her pee inside.

She walked to the side and hid behind a bush to relieve herself. However, she did not see the electricity wires running through the area.

“She lowered her underwear, and as soon as she started to pee the electricity hit her,” Julia said.

Emily’s children called out to her, but there was total silence.

“It is one thing when a loved one dies of a disease, but sudden death is the most difficult to accept,” Julia said.

“Emily was a happy person and a party animal who loved to drink. However, she was always respectful to her elders,” she added.

May she rest in peace.