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Grandmother takes bullet while protecting her grandson saving his life

By Mason White 4:35 AM October 8, 2014
Shopping mall illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A grandmother’s love was tested when a man armed with two guns began shooting in her grandson’s direction.

Grandma Tania Thornton of New Jersey, was walking with her grandson to a store in Newark, when a man walking toward them with two guns in his hand began shooting.

When the man began shooting in the direction of 6-year-old General Burke, the grandmother immediately placed her grandson behind her back.

As she did so the bullet struck Thornton in the leg. “I fell, to the ground and I pushed my grandson’s head down. I put my body on top of his to protect him,” Thornton said.

“All I thought of was protecting my grandson. I did not want him shot,” Thornton added.

Mrs. Thornton spent a few days in a hospital. While recovering, family and friends came to visit and called her a hero. “I am not a hero, I am something much better – a grandmother,” she said.