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Desperate prostitutes now selling sex to any man with ‘buy now pay later option’

By Mason White 4:43 AM October 8, 2014
Prostitutes working in Pinetown 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Residents in South Africa, are frustrated with the influx of prostitutes in their neighborhood.

People have jokingly renamed the street to “street sex.” This is because the corner of Park Lane and Club Lake streets in Pinetown, has become a hotspot for prostitutes.

The women wander around the street, offering to sell their bodies and are harassing men into having sex with them.

Residents said that the influx of prostitutes began about four months ago.

The women try to pressure men into having sex with them by offering a “buy now pay later option.”

“They tell men that they can have sex now and pay them at the end of the month,” a witness said.

“Now people are afraid to walk on the street because they are harassed by the prostitutes,” another witness said.

One of the prostitutes said that people should mind their own business. “This is our street, we have a lot of customers here compared to the other street where we used to operate. We will not move,” she said.