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Groom and best man die on the day of wedding which was also groom’s 34th birthday

By Mason White 5:59 AM October 8, 2014
Accident scene illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A groom and his best man were killed while getting ready for the wedding.

Bongani Pampiri was excited for his big day, which was not only his wedding day but also his 34th birthday.

Sadly, this day turned into tragedy as he died on Saturday, after his Chevrolet Spark crashed into a Mini Cooper in Batho, near Bloemfontein, South Africa.

His father Johannes, 59, said that his son was about to get married and it was his birthday. What started out as the best day of his life ended in death.

The groom’s relative, Granny Magano, said that they had already put the finishing touches in the hall in Thaba Nchu, for the wedding when the tragic accident occurred.

A witness said that the bodies of the groom and his best man, 33, were trapped under the vehicle. Locals tried to save the man, but when they were pulled out from under the car the two were already dead.

The driver of the second car was slightly injured. Police spokeswoman Colonel Thandi Mbambo said that they were investigating the incident, and that the driver of the second car may face charges of manslaughter.