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Boy from poor family seen sucking milk from stray dog like a puppy

By Mason White 11:25 AM October 8, 2014
Chotu Kumar with his dog friends 

By: Mahesh Sarin
People were horrified to see a hungry child suck milk straight from a dog like a puppy.

The six-year-old child, who was affected by poverty, was seen sucking milk from the stray dog ​​to suppress his hunger.

The shocking photo shows Chotu Kumar of India, holding the leg of the animal so that he can drink from its teat.

Kumar lives with his mother, Shanichari Devi, 37, his grandmother, Amiya Devi, 60, and his two brothers, Bola, 14, and 3-year-old Mahesh, in Jharkhand.

After his father’s death 4 years ago, the family fell below the poverty line.

The boy’s older brother was forced to go work at a nearby hotel to help feed the family.
His mother and grandmother go out to the forest and collect firewood to sell, but their average daily meals consist of vegetables and roti, which is a homemade Indian bread.

Meanwhile, Kumar spends most of his time playing at home. He did not go to school and had no friends, and the stray dogs had become his friends.

The dogs began coming to the family’s home more often. Then the boy began imitating other dogs and began sucking milk from the dogs.

When locals in the village learned about the 6-year-old boy’s behavior they became angry and worried that other children were at risk of an outbreak of rabies.

Finally, villagers reported Kumar to local officials. Officials intervened and Kumar now attends school where he gets a free lunch. Authorities also gave his family a food card, allowing them to obtain food for free.

The dogs continue to visit Kumar to play with him and he still drinks their milk as it became a habit.