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Chef slashes next door neighbor’s face after coming home early and finding him in bed with his wife

By Mason White 10:33 AM October 10, 2014
Man catches his wife cheating illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly slashing a man’s face after he found him in bed with his wife, prosecutors in New York said.

The incident began when the chef came home to his Brooklyn apartment and found his apartment door shut with his dog barking inside.

In panic, the man climbed onto his roof, descended through the fire escape and crashed through a kitchen window. As he entered, he was horrified to find his wife was in bed with his next door neighbor.

According to the police investigation, 27-year-old Diego Ramos, broke the bottle of wine that his wife and neighbor drank, and used a piece to slash the face of 22-year-old Omar Campos.

Ramos of Williamsburg, faces 25 years in jail if convicted. Ramos told a court that he was the victim, and he cut the man’s face in self defense.

The defendant’s wife, Sandra Ramos, admitted that she was intoxicated after drinking at a birthday party, and on her way home, she found her neighbor, who also seemed drunk, and decided to have sex.

She invited him in, shared a bottle of wine, and had sex before falling asleep.