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Police shut down orphanage after being caught selling children for $12,000 each

By Mason White 12:43 PM October 10, 2014

By: Feng Qian
An orphanage that was accused of selling children for $12,000 each was shut down by police, police in Nigeria said.

Delta State Police said that they managed to rescue at least 33 children from being sold by the orphanage.

According to the police investigation, the orphanage home was used to deceive the public, especially those in the communities it operates.

According to an anonymous tip received by police, the children were sold fro between N2 million ($1 = N164.90) and N2.5 million each.

The managers of the orphanage were arrested and they are currently cooperating with police. In September, a man was investigated over his desire of having many children.

The man, who is only 24 years old, already has 15 children and he plans on having a lot more.

Mitsutoki Shigeta of Japan, who is from a rich family and is already a successful businessman himself, is being investigated by Interpol for fostering at least 15 children via surrogacy and expressing the desire for many more.

The issue came to light after police raided a house in Bangkok, which belongs to Shigeta, and found nine babies, aged six months to one year old, living in the home and were cared for by nannies.

DNA samples proved that Shigeta is the father of all children, who were at the home. Birth records show that he was the father of six more children.

According to Thai Police, Shigeta hired a total of 11 surrogate mothers to father his children, including four sets of twins. He then went to court to get sole custody of the children.

“I have never seen a case like this,” Major General Apichart Suribunya, Thailand’s Interpol director, said.

Investigators in the case said that police are looking for the reason Shigeta wanted all these babies. They believe that it to be one of two reasons: human trafficking or the exploitation of children.

Police said that he took four of the babies to Cambodia, where he reportedly has invested millions in a property business.

However, Shigeta’s attorney said that his client did nothing wrong and he is not a deadbeat dad. According to his lawyer, all these babies are legal in the country and have birth certificates. He allegedly also set up savings accounts and investments for all the babies.

The babies were now in the custody and being cared for by the state while the investigation is ongoing. Authorities are questioning all mothers and surrogacy agencies involved.