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Principal caught having sex with his wife at school

By Mason White 9:05 AM October 10, 2014
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By: Wayne Morin
A principal was caught having sex with a woman at school.

The incident began when a person who witnessed the act, took a photo. The witness who goes by the user name “Presiding Judge,” posted the photo to social media sites, causing an uproar.

He Xiaoming, the assistant principal of the school in Hunan Province, China, was accused of having an affair after he was seen without some of his clothes next to the woman.

The photo sparked an investigation by authorities, who feared that the man might have had sex with a student.

After the investigation was complete, officials put all the online rumors of a sex scandal to rest after revealing that the assistant principal of the Vocational and Technical School in Shuangpai, was enjoying his wedding anniversary with his wife in the parking lot near his school.

According to officials, the couple had gone out to celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary and finished their night of passion by having sex close to the school.

“We welcome people overseeing the moral conduct of officials, but the sexual relationship between a husband and wife is not immoral,” the authorities clarified.