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Brave 6-year-old girl stops armed robber after handing thief her own money

By Mason White 9:08 AM October 10, 2014
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By: Chan Yuan
A young girl in China, protected her mother and stopped a thief from robbing her.

Police in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, China, arrested the armed robber who robbed the woman who was with her young daughter.

The man stopped the woman and demanded money at knife point. However, the robbery was cut short when the woman’s 6-year-old daughter tugged at the heart of the thief.

The suspect, who was identified as Liu, had stopped the mother after she picked up her daughter from school. The man demanded money and the distraught woman gave him 230 yuan (about $37), but Liu was unsatisfied and demanded more money.

At that point, the 6-year-old girl stepped between them and gave the man 2 coins of 1 yuan each to Liu.

“Uncle, I have only two yuan. Please let my mother and I go,” the girl said.

Touched by the young girl’s actions, Liu put away the knife and allowed the two to go free. Police later tracked Liu by his license plate number and arrested him on suspicion of armed robbery.

Liu allegedly admitted to the robbery and told police that the child reminded him of his own daughter, “I gave my daughter two coins and I felt sorry,” he said.