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Man slapped with $2,000 fine for harassing black bear

By Mason White 5:17 PM October 12, 2014
Bear on tree illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was ordered to pay a large fine after he was found guilty of harassing a bear, prosecutors in Canada said.

57-year-old Romeo Leduc of Yukon, admitted to pouring water on the sleeping bear.

A court fined Leduc $2,000 – and ordered him to complete a course in ethics and education before he can obtain a new hunting license.

Leduc was charged with two counts of harassing wildlife in relation to the incident.

Judge Donald Luther heard that Leduc was angry with forest officials who ordered a buffer of 300 meters around the bear den where he wanted to collect wood.

Leduc publicized his frustrations, saying that this decision would cost him an additional $50,000. Leduc asked his friend to accompany him to the bear den, where he poured water on the bear.

Leduc brought along two buckets of 20 liters of water and poured it onto the den. The bear came out of the den and climbed a tree. After 20 minutes they both left.