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Mob chops off man’s privates with meat cleaver after he was caught raping a girl

By Mason White 11:55 AM October 12, 2014
Suresh Kumar (center) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A community carried out street justice after catching a man raping a teenage girl.

40-year-old Suresh Kumar of India, was castrated with a meat cleaver after he was caught trying to rape a teenager.

Kumar was taken to a hospital in critical condition after locals of Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan, heard the girl crying for help.

They found Kumar without clothes, pinning the girl against a wall while trying to rape her. The community members held a brief meeting and decided to remove the man’s privates so he can no longer hurt women.

A group of men dragged Kumar to a butcher shop where he was beaten with sticks before he was castrated with a meat cleaver.

Then they abandoned the man with his severed part.

Aamir Dhawan, 30, said that no one wanted to help Kumar because they knew that he was being punished for committing a sex crime.

Dhawan said that there had been a lot of intolerable crimes against women in the country recently, with girls being raped, hanged, and abused, and it’s time that the crimes against women and girls stop.

“This sends a very strong message to everyone that if you rape a woman you will be punished,” he added.

Police are asking those responsible for the street justice to come forward, saying that people cannot take the law into their own hands. So far, no arrests have been made.