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New York City subway commuters find used condom tied to train strap

By Mason White 5:56 PM October 13, 2014
Condom tied to strap on New York City subway 

By: Chan Yuan
Several New York City subway commuters said that they were horrified to find a used condom tied to a strap.

Ryan Quinn said that he was riding the F train, which was full of people to Manhattan on Friday morning, when he made the shocking discovery.

While making room for another passenger, he spotted the used condom just hanging there. “It was tied up like a balloon. It was at eye level, and it was disgusting,” Quinn said.

Quinn warned others, who seemed oblivious to the object. As people tried to sit on chairs they almost hit the condom.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said that each subway train is cleaned at the end of its route and at the end of the day.