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Woman headbutts 2 male police officer after being arrested for driving while intoxicated

By Mason White 4:03 PM October 14, 2014
Shannon Kestler 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman who was arrested on charges of drunk driving, is facing additional charges of assaulting a police officer after headbutting two male police officers, police in New York said.

Perry Police said that 40-year-old Shannon Kestler, was arrested after failing to use a turn signal on two separate occasions.

After being pulled over, officers discovered that she was driving under the influence of alcohol. While being restrained in the back of a police car, Kestler head butted an officer.

Police said that she headbutted another officer after she arrived at the police station. A test showed that her blood alcohol content level was at .11.

Both police officers suffered minor injuries as a result of the attack.

Kestler was charged with DWI, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, two counts of not using a turn signal and failure to keep right.

Kestler was booked into the Wyoming County Jail, and her bail was set at $20,000. Kestler was convicted of a DWI several years ago.