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Teen arrested after being seen masturbating during court trial

By Mason White 4:54 PM October 14, 2014
Parvinder Aullakh 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A teen was arrested on charges of outraging public decency after being seen in court masturbating, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

19-year-old Parvinder Aullakh of Feltham, pleaded not guilty to the charge of outraging public decency after he was accused of exposing his private parts at the Hammersmith Magistrate’s Court.

According to the police investigation, the defendant has entered the public gallery of the court, pulled out his private parts and began to masturbate, prosecutors told the court at a bail hearing.

The teenager was escorted from the court by police, but continued his disgusting actions. The teen was released from custody on his own recognizance.

Earlier this month, a plane full of people, were horrified to see a man masturbating during the flight. The unruly passenger forced the plane to make an emergency landing in Nebraska.

Doug Adams of California, allegedly tried to force open a door in the back of a Virgin America flight from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, after his seat was changed for allegedly masturbating.

Passengers reported that Adams wore a hospital bracelet, and was muttering to himself and arguing with another passenger before attempting to open the door.

He was held down by an off-duty Boston police officer until the plane landed in Omaha, where Adams was removed from the plane.

Omaha Police said that Adams was on drugs and experiencing a mental episode. He was taken to a local hospital for an evaluation.

The plane, carrying 108 people, took off again after Adams was removed from the plane.