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Police officer arrested for raping underage boy and distributing indecent photos

By Mason White 1:50 PM October 14, 2014
Tyler C. Fox 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A corrupt police officer was fired from his job after he committed horrific crimes against a child.

Officer Tyler C. Fox of Utah, was arrested after he lured a boy to have sex with him.

The Kane County corrections officer is facing five charges related to sex abuse, two of which involve the sexual abuse of a minor.

Fox, 28, was arrested and booked into the Kane County Jail after an investigation revealed that he had distributed pornographic materials.

He is facing charges including distributing pornographic materials, sending harmful materials to a minor and sodomy of a minor, the Kane County Sheriff’s Office said.

Fox also faces charges of enticing a minor for sex through a computer and sex abuse of a minor.

The incident came to light after the victim’s father found alarming text messages between his son and the officer, according to court documents.

The victim’s father checked the messages from his son’s Facebook account and found more conversations between Fox and his son, discussing sexual acts.

The father of the victim began chatting with Fox via Facebook, while posing as his son. During their conversation, the father of the victim requested a nude photo of Fox. Fox agreed to send it, but only if the boy promised to deleted it after seeing it.

Fox allegedly sent a nude photo of himself to the victim’s Facebook account. That is when the father contacted police, according to court documents.

The officer was fired for his misconduct. However, a police sergeant said that none of the criminal activity took place while he was at work.

“Even though it didn’t happen at work it still reflects badly on us,” a police spokesperson said.

Fox was moved from the Kane County Jail to the Washington County Jail.