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Son sentenced to jail after pretending to be kidnapped to extort $200 from his parents

By Mason White 2:29 PM October 14, 2014
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By: Tanya Malhotra
A man will be spending time behind bars after pretended to be kidnapped.

The spoiled 35-year-old man of England, faked being kidnapped to extort £125 (about $200) in ransom from his parents.

Alisdair David Swift told his mother, Fiona, that he had been kidnapped and that he would not be returned by his captors unless he paid off a debt he owed them.

He did so in an attempt to raise the funds to pay his gas bill, the Court of Appeals in London heard.

Swift, who is a father of two, subjected his mother to what she described as “the most terrifying night of her life” after he sent her a series of text messages in which he claimed to be kidnapped.

The messages continued all evening until Fiona became so concerned that she called police. When officers traced the phone, they found the son in his Sheffield home in bed with his girlfriend.

Swift, who had already borrowed over £7,000 (about $11,000) from his parents in just two years, told police he that was “living beyond his means.”

Although his parents love him and did not want to see him go to prison, Mr. Justice Sweeney said that there was no doubt that the custodial threshold had been crossed and an immediate prison sentence was required.

Swift was sentenced to 18 months in prison after admitting to blackmail. However, he appealed the case and his sentence was lowered to 9 months.