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Two young men arrested for robbing a group of five women

By Mason White 9:17 AM October 15, 2014
Jonathan Warrenfeltz (left) and Joshua Zeaya 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A man with weird tattoos was arrested after he was easily identified as the man who robbed 5 women.

The man of Florida, who had the word “misunderstood” tattooed on his forehead, is accused of robbing five women at gunpoint on a beach near Miami.

Police said that 24-year-old Jonathan Warrenfeltz, and his alleged accomplice, Joshua Zeaya, 23, stole more than $1,500 in property in Dania Beach.

According to detectives, the suspects attacked the women around 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, during a morning visit to the beach.

The two demanded that the women hand over their valuables and then fled to a getaway car, which took them to a nearby Motel 6.

Most stolen items were recovered. According to police, the suspects threw some of the stolen items out of their car window while traveling to the Motel 6, where they were arrested.

Witnesses were able to recognize Warrenfeltz, thanks to his bold tattoos on his body. Seven witnesses identified Warrenfeltz’s facial tattoos, including the word “Misunderstood” in cursive script, according to police.

Warrenfeltz and Zeaya, were charged with five counts each of robbery with a firearm. Zeaya also faces charges of aggravated battery and battery causing bodily harm.