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Woman can’t stop laughing after her co-host farts on live TV (video)

By Mason White 10:08 AM October 15, 2014
Susanna Reid laughing 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A morning show turned awkward after a host farted during a live television broadcast.

43-year-old television host Susanna Reid of the United Kingdom, was unable to contain her laughter after her co-host broke wind during the live show.

The brunette beauty, who hosts the Good Morning Britain show, burst into a fit of laughter when Richard Arnold broke wind while sitting on a couch on the set.

Arnold, 44, was clearly embarrassed and blamed the couch. Another co-host, Ben Shephard, who was also on the show, did not help the situation when he took a shot at Arnold.

“Don’t blame the couch,” Shephard said while laughing.

Reid continued laughing while a clearly embarrassed Arnold rushed off the set. “He really has gone out the door. I think you’re too embarrassed,” Shephard said.

Shephard was forced to continue the show until Reid was able to reassert herself.