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Man tries to find boyfriend for his nagging sister by posting video of her on Facebook

By Mason White 9:57 AM October 15, 2014
Adam Clarke and Natalie Whatley 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Are you single and looking for love? You might just be the one for Natalie Whatley.

26-year-old Adam Clarke of the United Kingdom, decided that it was time for his sister to find a boyfriend.

Since she is busy running her own business, she does not have the time to look for love. So her brother posted a video of her on Facebook.

Whatley, 33, received many responses after the video was posted. She said that she is sifting through about 70 emails. So far, she found 8 potential partners.

In the video, Adam, who works with his sister, said that he wants to find a boyfriend for his sister so that she stops bothering him.

He explained that he cannot relax because his sister keeps calling and checking up on him. Whatley said: “that’s because I am bored.”

“That’s why you need a boyfriend,” Clarke said.

Clarke and Whatley work together. They run a media company based in Cardiff.