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240 pound woman appointed as health minister to fight obesity

By Mason White 10:04 AM October 15, 2014
Maggie De Block 

By: Chan Yuan
People are criticizing the government of Belgium, for appointing an overweight woman to fight obesity.

Maggie De Block is the new minister of public health, and one of her tasks will be to find ways to fight obesity.

However, many people feel that she is not fit for the job because she cannot preach to others before she has her own weight under control.

Many people claim that De Block, who practiced medicine as a general practitioner for 25 years before going into politics, is a bad example for those trying to get fit and healthy.

De Block, 52, who became a popular politician, has shrugged off the criticism, saying: “I know I’m not a model, but you have to see what’s inside not the packaging.”

Belgium has a growing obesity problem with almost half of the population being considered overweight.

De Block has had success in her previous role as Minister for Immigration, as the number of asylum applications in the country fell by almost half.