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Teen girl kills newborn and cremates the body in her parents’ stove

By Mason White 9:42 AM October 17, 2014
Alexandra Olaru 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A teenage girl killed her baby and burned the body after her relationship with the baby’s father failed.

The 17-year-old girl of Romania, went to great lengths to hide her pregnancy from her parents after she broke up with her boyfriend.

Alexandra Olaru gave birth to her baby in her parents’ home in Slivilesti, Gorj County, while they were out for the night.

She allegedly suffocated the baby with a pillow and cremated the body in their wood oven.

Nobody knew about the incident until Olaru confessed to friends at school. A friend told a teacher about the incident.

The teacher called police, who questioned Olaru and she was arrested. During the interrogation, she reportedly confessed to the horrific crime, Emil Mota, a spokesperson for the prosecutor, said.

She is currently undergoing psychiatric tests and if she is sane, she will be charged with murder.

The girl’s parents were shocked when officers arrived at their home with the news.

“We had absolutely no idea that she was pregnant. We did not know that she had gone to such terrible measures to keep it from us,” her father Marcel Olaru said.