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Man granted divorce from his wife after she admits to being possessed by a genie and refusing to have sex with her husband

By Mason White 2:38 PM October 19, 2014
Possessed woman illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman who refused to have sex with her husband, told a court that she was possessed by a genie, according to court documents in the United Arab Emirates.

Now, the Dubai court has granted a divorce to the man, who said that his wife is possessed by spirits.

After persistently denying him sex, the woman finally told her husband to discuss the issue with her parents.

The parents told the man that his wife was in fact possessed by a genie, and that several religious scholars had tried unsuccessfully, to exorcise the spirit.

The husband filed for divorce at the Dubai Sharia Court.

The husband’s lawyer told the court that the woman and her family cheated his client by hiding the fact that she was possessed.

The court granted the husband a divorce, but asked him to pay about 40,000 dirhams ($11,000) in maintenance to his wife.

However, the Dubai Court of Appeals later upheld the divorce, but canceled the alimony, ruling that the woman does not deserve it because she was not honest about the genie.