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Flock of sheep become high after eating bags of marijuana

By Mason White 2:41 PM October 20, 2014
Sheep illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A flock of sheep became high after munching on bags of marijuana, which someone dumped at their farm, police in the United Kingdom said.

Surrey Police said that by the time the sheep’s owner realized what was going on, the sheep already ate thousands of dollars worth of the drug.

The incident began when the sheep noticed the seven black bags containing the drugs that had been dumped at the edge of their farm in Merstham.

They ripped the plastic and ate the marijuana. Fanny’s Farm manager Nellie Budd said that the sheep seemed to be fine despite eating the marijuana.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, removed the rest of the stash and it was incinerated. Police launched an investigation to catch those responsible, but so far, no arrests have been made.