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Unemployed youths set up their own toll booth for cars looking to avoid police

By Mason White 10:51 AM October 20, 2014
Road block illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A group of unemployed people in Zimbabwe, came up with a way to make some money.

They have created a “toll booth” for buses and cars that use their local roads to travel to and from Epworth and Msasa Park.

People often use these roads to evade police checkpoints and heavy traffic along Chiremba Road.

The youths who have created the toll booth with a gate along the dusty road in an area known as Mukandabhutsu, said that they decided to do this after realizing that the cars were damaging the local roads.

The young, who refused to be identified, said that they charge up to $1 depending on the size of the vehicle.

“Paying $1 is better than paying police officers who will always find fault with your vehicle and reasons to request bribes,” said one young man.

Drivers who refuse to pay, are not allowed to use the road. The youngsters fix the roads and potholes as needed, and the rest of the money they divide among themselves.

One driver said that he preferred to use the dusty road to avoid congestion along Chiremba Road, especially during peak hours.

“We realize that what the young people are doing is illegal, but we pay because we feel bad for them as they are poor,” he said.