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Bear eats 9-year-old boy’s hand after he tried to feed it

By Mason White 10:24 AM October 21, 2014
The child being treated at the zoo 

By: Chan Yuan
A nice outing at a zoo in China, ended with a boy losing his arm.

The 9-year-old boy was at the Pingdingshan Hebin park in Henan, with his family when he decided to feed a bear.

The boy wandered off alone without any of his family members and found a black bear inside a cage. He decided to feed the bear.

After jumping over the guardrail to reach the cage the boy offered some food to the bear. The bear took the food along with the child’s arm.

The boy used all his strength to pull his arm out from the jaws of the bear. He managed to free himself, but most of his arm was missing.

A woman who was nearby and heard the boy screaming, came to help. Moments later, a park worker arrived at the scene.

When his parents arrived, they found their son being treated for his injuries. The 9-year-old boy was rushed to a hospital, but little could be done and his right arm was amputated.

His parents were outraged by the lack of security measures at the park. However, they failed to supervise their son.

Park officials gave the family 8,000 RMB (about $1,300) for hospital expenses.

Park authorities said that at the time of the attack, the worker responsible for the bear was on an inspection tour. When he heard the cries for help, he rushed to the scene to administer first aid.

The bear has been transferred to a locked room, and will not be shown to tourists until a full investigation is completed.