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Member of parliament punches female worker after she refused to help him cut in line

By Mason White 2:19 PM October 22, 2014

By: Chan Yuan
A member of parliament in Lebanon, was accused of punching a female worker because she refused to help him cut in line.

The incident unfolded in Monday, when Nicolas Fattoush arrived at the Baabda Judicial Palace, and refused to wait his turn.

Fattoush proceeded to the office of Manal Daou, an administrative officer responsible for processing claims of lawyers.

Fattoush gave Daou his file and asked him to process his claim immediately, but she said that she was working on another file. Fattoush became angry and notified Daou about his position in government.

The situation deteriorated rapidly with the office worker refusing to make an exception, and repeating that he had to wait his turn.

Fattoush raised his voice and began to hit her repeatedly. Many people witnessed the incident and Daou filed charges against Fattoush, with the prosecutor’s office.

The parties stood before Judge Claude Karam, and he persuaded Daou to withdraw her claim.